Size Chart & Care Guide

  *Wear Snug Fitting – Not flame resistant

Sanitary Brief 

Measure the waist:

If the waist is not clearly defined, the intended wearer should bend sideways to get the natural break. This measurement determines whether the size is small, medium, large etc. If the measurement is between sizes, round it up to the nearest 5cm intervals. This enables you to determine the panty size.

Measure the hip:

Place the tap measure around the fullest part of the hip. The waist and hip measurements can then be used to determine the correct panties as tabled below:

* If you normally wear a M for other brand panties, you may either choose a S or M for our Sanitary brief. 
Sizing for Bamboo Onesie (cm)
Sizing for Footie (cm)

Care Guide

*Each of our product comes with care instruction. Please refer to individual product for info on how to care and wash.

*Loose threads are quite common among Bamboo products. If you do get a snag, simply snip the snagged loop off with a pair of scissors.

*Do not use bleach or fabric softener on bamboo products.