Washable Breast Pads



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*Soft * Washable * Reusable

 Each reusable wet bag contains

    * 3 pairs of Boobie Pads (4 layers)


Why choose our breast pads?

 1) Super soft bamboo for maximum comfort

       2) Hypoallergenic, absorbent and extremely breathable

       3) Excellent leak protection

       4) Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial

 5) Size: 13cm provides good coverage


Washing instructions:

- Wash before use for the first time

- Hand (highly recommended) or machine washable in delicate mode.

- Air dry or tumble dry low

- Do not use fabric softener


Extra care instructions:

* Do not use fabric softeners as it can inhibit the absorption quality.

* Do note that breast milk can vary in colour from mom to mom. If you notice any discoloration or staining after using them, wash them in a mild bleach solution.

* Wash your used pads as soon as possible to keep them in optimal condition. Soak in water and squeeze the breastmilk that have been absorbed into the layers by using your palm (same method as washing a bra). You can then throw into the washing machine with your baby clothing. You may find putting them into a small mesh laundry bag helps prevent them getting separated or lost in with other washing.

* If machine washing & drying is not an option, hand wash in hot soapy water, rinse well and be sure to LINE DRY THEM COMPLETELY in a dry, non-humid area. Best is to place them flat in DIRECT SUNLIGHT (sun's UV rays kill bacteria and fade stains) with the bamboo side up exposed until they are COMPLETELY DRY. 

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